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Roller Blind

Roller blinds are a very pleasant way of interior decoration. There are large amount of fabrics and colors from where you can choose for decorating your home or office.

Roman Blinds 1
Roman Blinds 2

Roman Blinds

Roman shades create a romantic atmosphere with the combination of the classic with the modern design and the wide range of colors and fabrics allowing you to decorate your home as you please.

Venetian Blind 1
Venetian Blind 2

Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds can have different slat widths and different operating modes, those blinds are able to satisfy the most diversified tastes.

Vertical Blind

The vertical blinds provide a touch of modernism to your home or office. The slats can be in PVC slats or textile slats and you are able to choose the desired colors out of our collections

Panel Blinds 1

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are composed out of different fabric stripes that slide on a headrail. It is a modern product designed for covering big glass surfaces.

Suntex Blinds 1

UV Blinds & Suntex Blinds

UV blind uses high quality PVC slats which undergone color differential tests and been proven to possess long-lasting color against any kind of weather. Suntex blind is ideal for outdoor usage because of the polyester material with vinyl coating which can detain the direct sunshine or sprinkling of rainwater.

Outdoor Roller Blind

Outdoor Awning Fabric offer cool comfort and excellent protection from harmful UV rays on the sunniest of days and likewise will keep you dry on a rainy day.